How to make money on Instagram and use it for Ecomerce Business in 2019

Does your business need an Instagram account?

Here’s the short answer: If your target audience is already on Instagram, and if you’re willing to put some time and resources into creating content they’ll love—then yes! Learning how to use Instagram could help you grow your business.
Instagram is a visual channel. So if you’re always taking sumptuous snaps of your day-to-day, or you sell beautiful “instagrammable” products—ones that look good—then this is the platform for you. Think about it this way: if you’re a B2C brand, photographer, artist, blogger, or DIY guru,  then you’ll already have lots to show off. With Instagram, you can use the visual content you already have to reach a wider audience, and connect with more potential customers online.

Why does your business need an Instagram presence?

Not only is the platform’s audience is growing fast but Instagram also boasts an average engagement rate of 1.73%—which might not sound like much, until you compare it to Facebook’s more modest 0.16%.  In fact, Facebook predicts that Instagram will overtake its own growth in terms of active users in 2019. That’s some serious global reach, making Instagram a great place to interact with your existing and potential customers.  For many niches, the platform has already proven itself to be a strong sales channel.

Instagram business tips: What’s important for a brand account?

Social media is a battle for attention. You’re not just up against other brands but also your audience’s friends, family, and favorite influencers. This is maybe old news but it’s particularly relevant on Instagram.

How to get millions of followers on Instagram

Getting found is important, especially if you’re just starting an Instagram account for your business. Here are a few tips on how to broaden your reach:
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    Use #hashtags 
    to get your post noticed by people who aren’t following you, but are interested in the same topic. You can use up to 30 hashtags in each post. Here’s a quick guide on how to use hashtags for Instagram.
    This article have plenty hashtags to just copy and past on your instagram posts and also how to well use your hashtags so your post stay good looking without the ugly tags showing :

    Only use hashtags that are relevant to your business or your post. 
    Avoid using very broad terms, as these will be used by lots of people at the same time and your new account might be drowned out by bigger players. Instead, use a combination of more specific business hashtags along with general ones to describe your post. For example, if you’re a personal trainer then using #fitness is a no-brainer. But remember to add hashtags like #boxing, #mma #muaythai, for example, to dial-in on your most relevant audience.

    Add hashtags to your Stories to help them reach more people
     just like posts in the feed. Now it’s possible to follow hashtags as well as accounts on Instagram, so lots of people follow specific topics they’re interested in.

    Tag your location
     If you’re a store or a local business and want to attract customers from your community, use a location tag in posts and in your story so people can find you.