Online Business: How to make money online with Shopify ?

I can tell you that most people on Shopify are  making a good amount of money, most, not all. Of course due to the sheer number using the platform they have a lot of success stories.

but it's not that easy as you see in the YouTube videos and all those screenshots ,it's need a lot of work.
The base level account is really not going to get you the results you need, which mean handing over extra cash for the bells and whistles that will make your shop convert cold traffic into buyers.

So it is kind of like the perfect storm of costs for a new start up (especially one not accomplished with ad targeting) You have heavy Shopify costs AND additional advertising costs in order to bring targeted traffic to your store.

How to make money online with Shopify ?
1. set up your WordPress store correctly 
you can and will get daily free traffic to your store if you set your website correctly.
make a good design or just copy the one that Amazon or ebay use so your store will be familiar to buyers and they trust to buy from your store .
by saying set up your WordPress store not your shopify store mean that there's some free apps in shopify will give you a code of your product to embed in your WordPress website or you can just use directly your store if you want.

2. Get Targeted Traffic
One mistake I see a lot of people who start with eComerce make is that they drive their ad traffic (Facebook, Adwords, Youtube - Whatever) to the store itself.
use targeted ads to drive traffic to a dedicated product page (as in one singular product targeted to that traffic audience).

3. What to Sell on Shopify?
Do some market research first. Take some time to figure out what products you want your store to carry. A fast judgment could cause your business to fail, so you want to be confident about this choice.
If you still aren’t sure what to sell, Shopify can help with that too. Right on the homepage you can find a link to help you find products to sell in your store.

4. SEO and Marketing
Without SEO, or search engine optimization, your website has a much smaller chance of being successful and earning you income. Shopify knows this and strives to help you improve SEO.
Shopify supports many SEO functions like keyword selection, meta tags, and more. They also provide you with a sitemap to make it easier for Google to crawl your website.

5. Amazon Integration
Another Shopify advantage you can utilize are integrations, such as Amazon. Because Amazon is so widely used, integrating with it increases visibility.
Integration also saves time and helps you better manage your retail store. For example, you can sync your inventory so you always know what you have on hand. You can also create listings directly in Shopify and run reports.