How to Make Money Online: 10 Ways to Earn up to $6000+ a Month

Almost everyone is interested to know how to make money online. Whether you’re in between jobs, a student, looking for a side gig, or just a fast hustle to make some extra cash, earning money online is a great way to pad your pocketbook.

Use this information to gain a better understanding of how you can turn the power of the internet into cash in your pocket.
Make sure you take advantage of all the different offers on hand. After all, anything less is just leaving money on the table.

1. Blogging for Big Bucks

Blogs are more popular than ever before. Back in the dark ages before the internet, if you had a niche hobby, then you were pretty much on your own when it came to sharing information about it. Nowdays, global connectivity makes it possible to connect with people who have the same interests as you.
Blogging for money can be a great way to earn easy online cash.
You can blog about anything that’s important to you or that interests you and get paid to do it. There are several ways that bloggers get paid, including:
  • Promoting affiliate products
  • Earning commission on the sale of affiliate programs
  • Selling products, content and information they make
  • Selling advertising space
  • Paid guest blogger opportunities
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    2. Market Research Surveys are Fast and Easy

    Companies always want to know more about you and people like you. That way they can develop useful and appealing products and ads. Sharing this information is a great way to make some fast cash online.
    Survey Junkie is one of the most popular online survey sites around. The process is simple.
    • Build your profile to start taking surveys. Making a profile takes less than 5 minutes.
    • You earn rewards when you complete surveys. The rewards come in the form of virtual points
    • Exchange your virtual points for PayPal cash deposits or e-gift cards.
    The process is simple and it doesn’t take much time. Also, it doesn’t take a whole lot of thought. After all, the surveys are just asking your opinion about things. That means there’s no right or wring answer.

    3. Watch Videos on Your Phone for Free Cash

    You’re going to watch videos on your phone. It’s practically as sure as the sun rising tomorrow. So why not get paid for it? We mention Swagbucks elsewhere in this article for their surveys. But they also have a way to make money online by watching short videos. You can choose the category that you like and watch while you get paid.
    There’s always a ton of offers at Swagbucks, so the site can be a reliable source of online money for almost anyone. Also, Swagbucks is always running a signup bonus. That means you can get free money just for signing up for the site.
    Check this article for more:

    4. Alternative Search Engines Pay You to Search

    InboxDollars is a market research company. That means they’re interested in learning about how people search, shop, and use the web. They take that information and sell it to companies so they can better market their products.
    You’re not going to break the bank with this method, but you’ll still get paid to do something you were going to do for free anyway. You get:
    • $0.15 for every 4 qualified searches you do
    • $0.05 each time you complete 4 or more searches in a week
    • There’s also a $5 signup bonus for new users.
    That means that not only do you get paid for sharing your opinions on things, but your opinions will be considered when companies come up with new ads and/or products – that means you’ll be making the things you already like even better.

    5. Virtual Assistants Make Bank from Home

    Freelance and virtual gig jobs are more common than every before. One of the best jobs that anyone can do to make money online is being a virtual assistant.
    The process is simple, a business or client hires you to perform basic tasks. These might include things like booking airline travel, managing social media, answering emails, or data entry tasks.
    The best part of being a virtual assistant is that you can pick your rates, tasks, and clients. That means you’ll only work the jobs that you want to work and are worth your time.
    Many VA’s earn as much as $35 to $50 an hour for their services. Also, the demand for virtual assistants has been steadily increasing. It’s up 95% over the last three years. HorketHandBook is a great place to start your virtual assistant business today!

    6. Teach English Online

    English is rapidly becoming the most dominant language in the world. That means the demand for English teachers in other countries is far outstripping the supply.
    One of the most common remedies to this situation is to hire online English teachers and tutors
    You can teach for 90 minutes a day and make as much as $500 per month. All classes are online and the teachers make between $14 and $22 per hour.

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    7. How-To Your Expertise for Money

    People need help with all kinds of tasks. Whether it’s changing a part in their car, installing hardware in a computer, or executing arts and crafts, how-to courses can be a great way to make some extra bank.
    There are lots of perks to creating a how-to guide to sell. The best one is that you only need to do the work once per guide. After that, you just keep making money selling the guide over and over again. That means the value of your time grows with every single sale.

    8. Online Mock Jurors Make Good Money

    Lawyers make good money – that’s not news. But what is news is that you can get some of that sweet lawyer money by serving as an online mock juror. Even better, the pay out ranges from $10 to $60 an hour, much better than the $4 per day you get serving actual jury duty. It’s one of the easy ways to make money online.
    You’ll review evidence and help the lawyers understand how you interpret it. This gives the lawyers a better idea of how they can present their case most effectively. SignUpDirect is one of the most popular online mock juror platforms. You can also get on Ejury and Online Verdict.

    9. Freelance Writing Can Be a New Career

    The gig economy is growing all the time. But if you don’t want to drive strangers around in your car, freelance writing can be a great alternative. Lots of freelance writers make a full-time living picking up and completing projects online.

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    Many people ask, “How can I make money online?” Well, lots of people have what it takes to be a successful freelance writer. However, sometimes they just don’t know it yet. That’s why Fiverr is a great tool for people to get their freelance writing career started. And it’s a way to make real money online.
    The course walks you through all the things you need to know to become a successful freelance writer. You don’t need any kind of background in professional writing. Even better, as a freelance writer, you can get paid to write about the things you know about and love the most. It’s like getting paid to be yourself!

    10. Impact Investing is Good for the Wallet and the Soul

    Swell Investing is an SEC-registered investment advisor. They focus on supporting sustainable companies. They sort companies for you so that you can ensure your investment is going to a company that operates within your values and ethical beliefs.
    It’s easy to get started with Swell. You just need $50. You can invest in clean water, zero waste, disease eradication, renewable energy, and more. They don’t have any trading fees. It charges 0.75% as an annual fee, which means if you invest $500 you’ll pay about $3.75 – as a result, it’s perfect for the small investor who wants to ensure their money goes to a good cause while seeing a good return.
    Their focus areas include things like renewable energy, green tech, clean water, disease eradication, zero waste, healthy living, and more. Swell makes it easy to ensure your investments go to a cause you support while making you money at the same time, which is why we think they’re also a great option to make money online.