Top 5 Steps to start dropshipping and earn money on Ebay

E-bay is now one of the best ways to earn money without scamming or wasting money and time which will end by giving up , e-bay is also very easy to use and can earn from first day.

What is Dropshipping on Ebay ? 
You simply find a good product that you think people will buy , like books , watches ,kitchen stuffs ... from aliexpress , amazon or any other platform that sell cheap and trusted , you take the picture and name of the product and post it on your Ebay account as it is your own , when buyers do offers and buy then you buy it for them from the other stores and send it to the location they filed . 

This are exemples from a test account :
Example on the offer :
 After accepting offer :
 Ebay is limited at first but once you start selling you can list more : 

Here are five good ways to market your eBay listings:
1. Get a PayPal Account
eBay provides protection to both buyers and sellers who use PayPal. It’s also a secure and convenient way for a buyer to pay for purchases. No wonder most eBay buyers prefer sellers who offer this payment option. 

Getting an account will expose your listings to buyers who filter their search for sellers who accept PayPal. 
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2. Price Competitively
You should keep your eye on your bottom line, of course, but you also need to make sure you compare favorably with the pricing offered by other sellers of the same or similar items. Many buyers rank their searches from lowest to highest price. As with any Internet search, the top results get the most attention.

3. Offer Free Shipping 

Analysis of buyer behavior indicates that as much as 90% of buyers are more likely to complete a purchase if the seller offers free shipping. Many will even filter a search for only items that have free shipping, but be careful to not pay the shipping from your own money choose well in the options and when you check for products you want to post always check the shipping cost.

4. Craft Quality Titles and Descriptions
You should put some thought into writing an attention-grabbing title and comprehensive product description, and I don’t mean simply typing in all caps. Quality titles and descriptions are key factors in making money on eBay that many sellers just don't take seriously.
Your title should be searchable, so make the effort to find out how buyers search for particular items.

To get started, see what keywords and phrases your supplier used to help YOU find the items you wanted. You can also look at Google AdWords to see what related keywords and phrases are sizzling on Google. 

5. Become a Top Rated Seller
eBay’s Top Rated Sellers are sellers recognized for providing top-notch customer service on a consistent basis. Once you’ve met the criteria, you will receive a Top Rated Plus seal and a 10% discount on final value fees on your qualifying listings.