Top Social Media Marketing Strategies In 2020

You want to know how to set up the perfect social media marketing strategy for your business in 2020.

Well! Here are the best social media marketing strategies that you need to know to be successful and if you read this entire article and implement the strategies, you are going to master yourself in social media marketing in 2020 and all the year ahead.

Community Building Strategy
If you are on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest or on any social media platforms, you need to create a strategy so that you are always growing the size of your community.
There is a lot of different ways you can do that, you can do that by having ongoing contests, having great content, by interacting with the people that are most important to your business so that they are aware of you and so that they want to engage with your content.

The great way to do that is to research all your closest competitors and find all the people who are following them and interacting with their content and then set up a strategy so that you can also interact with them at the same time.
So, make sure that you plot a specific community-building strategy for every single channel.
Social Media Marketing Is All About Advertising.

A few years back, all the social media platforms did not have any type of advertising abilities, but now there are tons of advertising abilities.

On LinkedIn, you can do promote posts, do sponsor in emails, and do remarketing.
On Facebook, you can create look-alike audiences, build audiences of remarketing, can customize and create custom new audiences.

Every single one of these platforms has ways that you can do advertising and in this advertising the end, there is really a lot of different ways that you have to think about it and one thing is that you can use it for community building.

Social Media Campaigns
Every single quarter, you should be doing something creative, should be doing something fun, something that makes people want to interact with your company online through social media.
By doing that you are going to give your users a positive connotation of your company and business. So, finding ways to get involved with social media and then relating that to the real world and your events that are happening which align with your industry.

Have An Ongoing Content Strategy
What is the one thing that you are doing every single day of the week that your users can expect that they want to interact with you. Make sure you are thinking about your content strategy for social media as a TV channel for every single social media platform.
Also, think about how that relates to your blog and how does your blog interact with these different channels and what are you sharing from your blog to drive people back to your website.

In 2020, you really want to make sure that you are integrating Public Relations and influencer marketing with your social media marketing.

So, think about all the top influencers, new sites, and blogs within your space and actually using tools like Buzz Sumo and Similar Web or Semrush to find all the referring site traffic to your competitors’ websites and going out there.

Specifically finding the top influencers, top blogs, and the top news sites and finding ways to do PR outreach strategies so that you can interact with these people so that you can get in front of their communities and they can send you referring site traffic.