How to use Pinterest to Make Money - Make Your First $100 Online

Here are things that will help you speed up your affiliate sales using Pinterest!

1. Switch to Pinterest business account and enable rich pins. 

  1. Log in to your personal Pinterest account and click  in the top right corner
  2. Click Add a free business profile
  3. Follow the prompts to create your business account

2. Re-Share your Pins :

You can also use Tailwind to automate your pins and the Pinterest scheduler for free. Instead of manually pinning I just scheduled my pins and not worry about it, by using Boardbooster I could spend my time on other important things on my blog. I did not have to worry when something came up and I would not be able to pin since I got Boardbooster working for me.

3. Reading other bloggers income reports.

By reading income reports I was able to find an affiliate program that was already working for others. I was able to determine if a certain affiliate program was profitable to join.
I was motivated by other blogger's success stories. From their difficulties when they were starting out until how they became successful.

4. join a lot of Pinterest group boards.

By collaborating with group boards my contents and affiliate links were getting exposed to thousands of people even if I was still growing my followers.

Here are the lists of group boards to join for you to start. It would be better if you can join more.  

1.    Top Blogs - Pinterest Viral Board
2.    The Blog Squad
3.    Share All Your Pins (Group Board - No Limit)
4.    ~Bloggers Promote Your Blog~
5.    ✿ Pin Your Best Pins ✿
6.   Blogging tips from successful bloggers(Group Board)
7.   Organization ideas for time management
8.   Parenting tips

 5. focus on pinning a lot of your pins!

I pinned all the time, I pinned more of my contents and I focused on getting my pins out there.
Again, sharing affiliate links on Pinterest without a strategy is not going to work. You need to switch to business account, optimize your profile, group boards and Pin description to get your pins found on Pinterest.
If your pins are already showing up on Pinterest, make sure that they are also getting attention and screaming "click me" because it is ACTUALLY the click that matter most.

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