PayPal Problems you can face during first steps of using it (According to Customers)


In 2020 more and more people are complaining about PayPal service, which hold, restrict and ban accounts for many reasons, and the problem is that once this happen you’ll lose any money in there.

We contacted many people some lost from few thousands $ to more than a million $, others lost their commerce while using EBay which ask PayPal as the only way to get payed.

Viviane was one of this people who decided to share with us her experience with PayPal,

‘Recently I had the worst experience with PayPal service who try to find any way to hold money so they can use or benefit from it.’

‘PayPal Now hold the money for no reason, telling you that they care about security but they only need a way to get your money, I received last month a 300$ payment and PayPal decided to hold it for 21 days for Security as they said after they took 15$ fee, so I had to contact the sender to confirm the transaction, once he did I got the money but guess what! they took again 5$ fee for withdrawal …then they freeze the account again and asked me to send address verification which will take another 2 days for them so they keep the money with them more.’

‘For the information, I already withdraw 300$ before a month ago with same problems but I thought maybe this is the first time it’s normal, and also I’ve been using it to buy from the internet so my account was active.’

‘What will be the importance of this money after a month of delay? This, if they didn’t ban your account.’

‘I extremely don’t recommend PayPal, and I think there’s a lot of ways to get your money, cheap and with better service.’