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US: One person was killed and 5 wounded in Nevada, by indiscriminate shooting
Mysterious discovery of a metal structure in the middle of Utah desert in US
The Israeli army prepare for a possible US strike on Iran
The New York Times: French police treat Muslim children as Terrorists
Spain intend to make Covid_19 vaccination optional
United States ... deads in a stabbing attack inside a California church
China intends to increase Population at an insane speed
Mexico is set to launch the largest legal market for marijuana
The World Bank warns The G20 from ignoring the debt problems
Covid-19: The United States records more than 177,000 cases of corona within 24 hours
China .. No new local Covid-19 virus infections
Turkey: Coast Guard rescues 29 migrants in the Aegean Sea
7 people died due to floods in North Carolina, USA
Japan officially declares Prince Akishino as crown prince
Turkish Bayraktar UAV passes its first missile test
Doctor tricked by fraudsters to buy "Aladdin lamp" with 200k UsD
Attacks in several locations in central Austria and reports of deaths and injuries
Hundreds of people attack police officers in Frankfurt
Two dead and five injured in a stabbing accident in Quebec, Canada
The Archbishop of Toulouse, France, warns: Freedom of expression has limits