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British woman in Dubai faces jail time and $140,000 fine for insulting her roommate on WhatsApp
"The Guardian" publishes a serious report on the outbreak of the deadly Nipah epidemic
500-year-old stolen copy of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi' found in Naples cupboard
CIA Releases Thousands of UFO files to the Public
Climate Change: Earth To Reach a temperature Tipping Point next 20 to 30 years
China is Building the Largest Aircraft Carrier in the World
Fatal Mistake in the French Army raid in Mali Took the Lives of Civilians in a Wedding Ceremony
Iran Nuclear : Tehran to enrich uranium to 20% at the Fordow reactor
Report: More than 1.5 billion face masks pollute the oceans this year
Scientists Warn of likely Massive Oil Spill Endangering the Red Sea From FSO "SAFER"
At Least 240,000 Chickens Are Killed in Fire at Florida Egg Farm
UN urges world leaders to declare climate emergency
Destruction of the Amazon forests in Brazil jumps to the highest level in 12 years