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Iceland volcano: Lava flows thrill crowds after eruption near Reykjavik
Owner and Insurers of Stranded Suez ship "Ever Given" Face Millions in Claims
Iceland volcano erupts for first time in 6,000 years
India: The First Country in the World to Propose Cryptocurrencies Ban
American Gold coin ‘Double Eagle’ is up for Auction for more than $10M
EU to propose digital 'vaccine passports' in March
American Airlines not denying possible UFO spotting by Pilot on flight 2292
Extreme cold snap shuts down central U.S. Texas is ground zero
Japan earthquake: Rocks Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Sparking Leak Into The Sea
Japan: Earthquake Hits Fukushima with an initial magnitude of 7.1
The Head of the Largest Gold Production Company Arrested in Kyrgyzstan
British woman in Dubai faces jail time and $140,000 fine for insulting her roommate on WhatsApp
"The Guardian" publishes a serious report on the outbreak of the deadly Nipah epidemic