Wildfires Threaten the World’s Oldest Trees at Sequoia National Park

Wildfires have reached a grove of sequoias in California, US threatening some of the oldest trees on the planet. Officials warned that hot, dry weather and stronger winds were contributing to “critical fire conditions” on the western side of...

Nearly 30% of Tree Species are Threatened by Extinction Worldwide, Says Report

Almost 30% of tree species in the wild are now at risk of extinction, with a wide range of factors responsible for their decline, according to analysis released Wednesday. Published by Botanic Gardens Conservation International, the State of the...

Scientists Predict a Shortage of Drinking Water on Earth

  American scientists from the Rensseller Polytechnic Institute were able to fix the decrease in the level of oxygen in freshwater lakes.  According to experts, such a phenomenon is caused by accelerating the pace of global warming on Earth. The...