U.S. is Spending $50 Billion on Starting Forest Fires to Prevent Catastrophic Ones

The Biden administration has announced a new phase in the war against devastating wildfires. Unlike the firefighting strategies of decades past, which focused on putting out fires as quickly as possible, the president’s new plan is all about...

Scientists Predict a Shortage of Drinking Water on Earth

American scientists from the Rensseller Polytechnic Institute were able to fix the decrease in the level of oxygen in freshwater lakes.  According to experts, such a phenomenon is caused by accelerating the pace of global warming on Earth. The...

At least 30 killed in Sudan gold mine collapse

Sudanese officials announced that more than thirty miners were killed in the collapse of a primitive gold mine, while eight others are still missing. The collapse occurred near the town of Al-Nuhud in West Kordofan State, southwest of the capital,...